Despre votul electronic

Sunt un programator.

Deocamdată mă tem de votul electronic, și o să vă prezint câteva riscuri.

O bază de date centralizată

Dacă o astfel de bază de date ar aduna voturile, aceasta ar fi cel mai vulnerabil punct. Orice persoană ce are acces la acel sistem poate vedea cine a …

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Cryptocurrency security

In my review of cryptocurrencies, I mentioned that Bitcoin Cash offers "relatively less security compared to Bitcoin".

What did I mean by that?

What are the various kinds of security that a cryptocurrency offers? How to enhance them and avoid compromising them?

I will address the following questions:

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Don't use VPNs

I argue that VPNs are bad for the user, especially if the user is a dissenter from the status quo.

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