I have recently seen a video by Wendover Productions about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It presents that the Kingdom needs foreign investment to be able to thrive past peak oil. But the leaders take extreme offense and kill people based on what they write about the Kingdom.

So, yours truly is fanning the flame.

After this video, I think the most effective steps in Saudi Arabia gaining international trust would be:

  1. Leaders admitting they are only human, and make mistakes sometimes. Making a mistake is not a problem, but persisting in failure with no prospect of improvement is a problem.
  2. Do not execute people. Aside from the chilling effects this has on tourism and investment, do you want your people to live in fear?
  3. Ensure equal rights for women, and people of other and no creeds. I will not come to Saudi Arabia with such severe punishments based on religion.
  4. Let press write whatever it wants. If the press insults the Kingdom, it proves the press is cheap and childish, and it will fall into oblivion by itself. But if the press is saying the truth, perhaps listen to it.

I hope that if any Saudi official reads this, they take it seriously, because the wealth of a nation depends on it. With great power comes great responsibility.