Cryptocurrency security

In my review of cryptocurrencies, I mentioned that Bitcoin Cash offers "relatively less security compared to Bitcoin".

What did I mean by that?

What are the various kinds of security that a cryptocurrency offers? How to enhance them and avoid compromising them?

I will address the following questions:

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Programming languages

I decided to review some programming languages, by comparing their popularity with their Rosetta Code implementation terseness.

I measured terseness as the average of implementations' estimated zipped code filesize.

Update 2019-12-11: I want to add a few caveats that people notified me in this Reddit post:

  • The analyzed source code …
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Caring for your hardware

Thermal shutdown

I started playing some games on my Debian laptop. After some time of intense fan blowing, the laptop shut down. I figured this was likely a thermal shutdown - the device turning itself off to protect itself.

I started monitoring the temperature - and it was getting to 100ºC at …

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